Western Kentucky Tornado Relief

The Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the City of Lancaster, Garrard County, Garrard County School System, Lancaster Fire, and Police Departments are gathering to assist the many communities, families, and businesses of the recent Western KY tornados that affected the area over the December 10th weekend. These communities were devastated by these storms and need our support now and into the coming weeks as they begin the long and challenging road of rebuilding.

We are asking that residents of our great community join together to donate in a monetary fashion what they can spare. In order to assist our neighbors to the west. Just as many supported our community when one of our own was in need. At this time, the area emergency response teams and various organizations are asking for item donations to be minimal as storage and manpower are limited at this time.

Funds collected from our drive will be donated on behalf of the resident of Garrard County, Paint Lick, and the City of Lancaster to the Western Kentucky Tornado Relief. 100% of these funds will be distributed to the affected counties in Western KY to assist in getting businesses back up and running so their citizens can begin rebuilding their many needed services.

Credit Card donations can be made through the Chamber of Commerce website by clicking here. Donations in form of cash or check can be dropped off at any Fire Station, Police Station, or Lancaster City Hall

or Donate Directly Below

Western Kentucky Tornado Relief